Fluid system monitoring at your fingertips

The iVapps team has engineered the fully patented and world’s first and only body, known as the PORTAL, which accommodates both the SMART cartridges and VALVE cartridge offering a unique sustainable solution to fluid system monitoring, such as power optimisation, pressure modulation and leak detection.
The self-powered and multi-functional SMART cartridge has the capability to measure and transmit a range of data to a proprietary analytical tool which extrapolates the data into usable information relating to water pressure, temperature and chemistry. This data is available to water system operators via an easily accessible dashboard.


  • The underlying technology behind the Smart Valve was developed by Peter Enston building upon his 30 years expertise in the pipeline industry (water, natural gas, oil & gas)

  • Severn Trent Water and Wessex Water test the iVapps Cartridge Valve, acheiving valve replacement under full line pressure in under 10 minutes.

  • A family of patent applications were prepared and granted between 2013 – 2015.

  • SMART Valve prototype in partnership with award winning R&D consultancy Techni AS of Norway.

  • NREL, US support stragegic alliance.

  • Sales and distribution letter of intent with Enermech – leading global provider of fully integrated solutions to the global energy and infrastructure markets.

  • Partnered with the Zoological Society of London as sustainable water partner (our 600 acre showcase facility).

  • Scash Alliance – letter of intent for Smart City developments in the Middle East.

  • MOU signed Black & Vaeatch.

    MOU signed Flexachem Ireland.

  • Industry accredited products – Linear Gate and Globe Valves.

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