iVapps is a UK based smart engineering company that is developing and commercialising next generation sustainable systems for the monitoring, analysis, and flow management of water and other fluids for commercial and industrial entities. The innovation driven company has a defined growth strategy aimed at delivering state of the art engineering products to multiple sector and delivering shareholder value.
The Company was granted Enterprise Investment Status in 2021.


Real Time Leak Detection.
Predictive Technology.
Security from Contaminants.
Calm Networks.

Tackling A Global Challenge

It is estimated that billions of gallons of water are being lost daily throughout the world due to cracks in water pipes and leaking networks – this is costly for companies, increases pressures on already stretched resources and raises the likelihood of pollutants infiltrating supplies.
With the global demand for water growing rapidly, climate change and the rise in global temperatures present a real challenge to the water industry but the journey to net zero carbon emissions is a complex one for a variety of reasons:
Water related climate change challenges including flood & drought are on the rise
Huge financial penalties on network operators are being imposed by authorities
Water related climate change challenges including flood & drought are on the rise
Road excavations and pipeline shutdowns cost significant amounts of money

An Exciting Opportunity
to Invest in
the Future of iVapps

At iVapps, we have delivered a step change in the monitoring and control of water distribution grids
using disruptive SMART technology – an Intelligent Valve Application.
Pressure Monitoring
Temperature Monitoring
Turbidity Sensor
Ultrasonic Leak Detection
Flow Rate Measurement
Multiple Platform Connections

Revolutionising Pipeline Leak Detection

We have produced the world’s only globally patented protected, quick release portal system. A self-powered telemetry cartridge equipped with in-flow sensors that can report real time data on distribution grids.

The SMART cartridge has the digital capability of delivering superior real time data to predict, detect and alert small and large leaks and other problems within a pipeline network.

Patented Technology

Rapid Installation and Replacement

Fast installation and replacement of sensors under full line pressure in under 15 minutes.

Fully Recyclable and Sustainable

No more costly repairs that have a huge social and environmental impact on society and the planet. Reduces the carbon footprint.

Autonomous Unit

No need for external power sources.

A Growing Market

The UK and global digital market for water utilities is massive and growing.

Optional energy harvester

To power data collection and IIoT communications.

Reduced maintenance costs

Through predicative technology.

Adaptable to many sensor types

And can optionally monitor for contaminants, poisons, chemicals and pressure challenges – safe water.

Digitally optimize flow

Improving energy calmness and efficiency.


We have already achieved excellent traction with various major customers in the UK and Europe and has attracted considerable interest from USA, and early sales with such names as GD Suez.


Simon Humphreys

Chief Executive Officer

Simon has twenty-five years of increasing responsibility in regional and global business. Specialist in start-up business’ and management of multi-disciplined companies, with a distinct focus on commercial exploitation. A proactive desire to deliver fundamental change through better business initiatives and driven with high energy levels.

Be Part of
the Story

No other provider in the world can claim to match iVapps’ unique abilities to enable rapid replacements of sensor under full line pressure and quickly double up as an isolation point when required.