A Sustainable Solution

iVapps has worked with Tunley Environmental to carry out a whole life-cycle analysis of their water monitoring system and control point creation solution.

Following their analysis Tunley stated ‘Incorporating iVapps products in water utility networks provides a substantial advantage in facilitating water utility companies’ transition towards Carbon Neutrality (Net Zero).’

Tunley stated ‘The PORTAL and  SMART cartridge combination, can result in carbon emissions savings of up to 1.83 tCO2e over a 100-year period per system compared to a data logger alone. OR 5.68 tCO2e over a 100-year period per system when compared to a Standard Gate Valve + Data Logger. The need for a datalogger is eliminated, which emits 4.25 tCO2e over its lifetime, thus eliminating 4.25 tCO2e per data logger purchased.’

Put simply, assuming 50 valves are required over a 100-year period. The use of 50 PORTAL & VALVE cartridges combined with 50 PORTAL & SMART cartridges would save between 73.63 tCO2e and 108.28 tCO2e instead of using 50 Standard Gate valve + Data Logger. This is estimated to be a mean saving of 90.96 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents over a 100-year period.

This amount of GHG emissions saved is equal to that from:

  • Driving 233,180 miles in an average diesel vehicle.
  • Burning 46,216 kg of coal.
  • Charging 11.06 million smartphones
  • Sequestered by 108 acres of forest in a year.
  • Sequestered by 1,504 tree sampling that are grown for 10 years.

You can see the full report here.

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