iVapps aims to become a leading supplier of next generation engineering systems for non-disruptive pipeline monitoring and fluid management. The need for effective digital monitoring and servicing in tandem with time efficient network maintenance and valve replacement is an extremely prominent issue amongst industries managing pipelines, including water, oil & gas, and food processing.
The Company has recognised that state of the art monitoring, telemetry installation and upgrade plus immediate flow control through its unique swap out abilities, can greatly assist companies in optimising their pipeline performance, significantly lowering maintenance times and subsequent costs. It is now focused on increasing its current market traction with UK, European and South East Asian based water companies and executing its expansion plans for North America and Australasia. The next stage is to apply the technology to industries including oil & gas, wastewater, power generation, pharmaceuticals, mining, food & beverage production, agriculture, and Smart Cities/Construction/Industrial HVAC. The roll-out strategy will primarily be executed through strategic third-party marketing/licensee relationships.

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