The Company has developed a sustainable engineering solution for fluid monitoring and management in pipelines. Quick identification of issues, the ability to install, upgrade or replace sensors under full line pressure and the retrieval of quality actionable data translates into rapid maintenance response significantly reduce pipeline down time.
An independent report by Tunley Environmental found that ‘Incorporating iVapps products in water utility networks provides a substantial advantage in facilitating water utility companies’ transition towards Carbon Neutrality (net zero)’. The mains reasons for this were:
  • The carbon report included a life cycle assessment that followed the international standards BS EN ISO 14067:2018 Greenhouse Gases – the carbon footprint of products.
  • The methodology for quantification of the CFP and partial CFP; following a manner consistent with International Standards on Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) (ISO 14040 and ISO 14044) and The Greenhouse Gas Protocol.
On a direct comparison basis, assuming 50 systems are installed in a network, the following savings are anticipated to be made each year

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