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The iVapps team has engineered the world’s first fully patented system that provides digital monitoring, immediate sensor access and valve functionality at one point in a network.
The revolutionary system is based on a traditional standard valve specification, which houses iVapps’ unique interchangeable SMART and VALVE Cartridges. It is multifunctional, replacing two historically separate offerings.
The SMART Cartridge enables real time data to be gathered, processed, and acted upon, sensors to be maintained, serviced, and replaced without needing a pipeline shutdown.
If a shutdown is required, then the interchangeable VALVE Cartridge, converts the system immediately into an isolation point, all under full line pressure and in under 30 minutes.
Once the iVapps system is installed, operators have a smart engineered future-proof network that allows for rapid ongoing monitoring, sensor veracity, easy and inexpensive system upgrades, and rapid network shut-down leading to significant future cost savings.
All products are manufactured to international standards and are fully tested to satisfy industry regulation and safety standards.

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