Fluid system monitoring at your fingertips

iVapps is a UK based smart engineering company focussed on delivering next generation sustainable systems for the monitoring, analysis, and flow management of water and other fluids for commercial and industrial entities.
It is the only company in the world that can, in one system and at one point in a network, provide both data harvesting and rapid access to pipeline flow without disruption, leading to exceptional cost savings and improved environmental credentials for pipeline operators.
Its patented system, that replicates a traditional valve casing, accommodates easily interchangeable cartridges housing sensors and valve capabilities, which allow users to measure and transmit pipeline data as well as immediate pipeline shut down, all at one access point. The ability for the SMART and VALVE Cartridges to be swapped out at full line pressure means operators can insert, upgrade, calibrate or simply check sensors without shutting down the system. This translates into a significant cost savings through improved data, easy serviceability, reduced maintenance costs and efficient shutdowns when necessary.

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