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iVapps is an award-winning smart engineering company focussed on next generation sustainable systems for monitoring and flow management of water and other fluids for commercial and industrial entities. It has developed a unique mechatronic system to provide data harvesting, immediate sensor access and valve functionality at one point in a pipeline.

The system is based on a traditional valve casing that replicates existing network valves.  The two patented insertable and retractable cartridges are the Smart Cartridge, which holds any in-pipe sensor, and the Valve Cartridge that acts as a normal valve.  These can be changed under full line pressure meaning to swap, maintain or upgrade sensors, operators don’t have to shut the network down or in the case of water companies, dig up the road.  This dramatically reduces maintenance disruption for the end user.  When the network needs to be shut down for maintenance, it’s a question of simply swapping in the valve cartridge which takes 20 minutes.  The iVapps system is a two in one solution that allows operators to future proof their networks and get quality data all the time to allow then to implement their AI strategies effectively.

Harvesting of big data is key for performance optimisation and to facilitate early issue identification, leading to significant cost reductions and regulation adherence, major factors in a clients decision-making process. The iVapps system also future proofs networks all utilising an easily installed traditional valve casing with 2 in one functionality.

The team’s commercial strategy is initially targeting the water data logging & valve market within UK, EU, & Asia closely followed by the US.  However, due to the nature of the technology and IP there is distinct expansion potential geographically, technologically, and into new sectors and applications including oil & gas, nuclear, marine, agriculture & mining.

The ability for early issue identification in tandem with greatly reduced network downtime and subsequent improved economic performance and adherence to regulation is driving traction across multiple markets.

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