System Body / PORTAL

Non Pressured SMART cartridge in PORTAL
Non-Pressured VALVE cartridge in PORTAL
PORTAL with Pressured and Non-Pressured SMART and VALVE cartridges
Pressured SMART cartridge in PORTAL
Pressured VALVE Cartridge in PORTAL

The iVapps system body / PORTAL is modelled on an existing valve casing and accommodates the unique interchangeable SMART and VALVE cartridges.

It is the only valve body in the world that can hold either sensors or a plug valve.

It is a major upgrade from traditional and outdated valve casing, allowing the internal workings to be rapidly removed and replaced. The conventional system, designed 150 years ago, uses bolts to hold components in place and cannot be dismantled under flow conditions. It therefore requires isolation for costly long periods to effect repairs.

  • Can hold the SMART of VALVE cartridge
  • Cartridges can be changed under full line pressure
  • Replicates exiting valve casing.
  • High quality materials.
  • No additional training required to install.
  • Long life
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