SMART Cartridge

Pressured SMART cartridge with Black Box attached
Pressured SMART cartridge in PORTAL
Non Pressured SMART cartridge in PORTAL
Non-Pressured SMART cartridge
Non-Pressured SMART cartridge
Pressured SMART cartridge

Poor data can have devastating consequences, so it is imperative to relate data quality issues to potential business risks and associated costs. The iVapps SMART cartridge, which is sensor agnostic, ensures data quality can be maintained easily and cost effectively, being the only system in the world where sensors can be replaced or maintained without shutting down a network.

  • Available in pressured and non-pressured options.
  • Holds telemetry/sensors informing fluid system operators of line conditions.
  • Sensor agnostic, accessible and changeable within 10 minutes.
  • Replacement/maintenance almost instantaneously involving no pipeline closure.
  • Huge direct cost and carbon footprint impact.
  • Regular servicing through easy access guarantees data veracity.
  • Communicates through regular GPRS, Bluetooth and LoRa Wan networks.
  • Self-powered and/or battery powered.
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