Reduced costs via early leak detection and pipeline control

Reduce costs via early leak detection and pipeline Control

Sensor and valve in one piece of equipment

When water is lost, it costs money and has a negative impact on reputations. As NAV (new appointments and variations) companies it is vital to ensure you have a thorough and trustworthy source of data to help you understand the health of your water pipeline networks. And when you identify an issue you need to shut off the flow quickly in order to make repairs.

When using a traditional data logger to spot leaks you also need to rely on a secondary valve to create an isolation point – two completely separate pieces of equipment.

With the iVapps solution, this is a thing of the past. Water suppliers and pipeline network owners and operators now have access to one robust valve body which can hold sensors – the iVapps SMART Cartridge, or a plug VALVE Cartridge – both of which can be installed and extracted under full line pressure.

Operators access the data gathered by the SMART Cartridge via iVapps’ easy-to-use dashboard which reports live pipeline data to your computer, tablet or smartphone. Alternatively, it can be transmitted directly to operators’ own internal software.

Once an issue is spotted and a requirement is identified to create an isolation or control point, the operators simply need to extract the SMART Cartridge and install the VALVE Cartridge to create the required control. This can be carried out via the operators own maintenance team or by one of iVapps trusted service partners.

Greener than traditional methods

The iVapps solution has also been proven to be ‘greener’ than the traditional method of monitoring, detection and control. A study carried out by Tunley Environmental found that ‘The PORTAL and SMART cartridge combination, can result in carbon emissions savings of up to 1.83 tCO2e over a 100-year period per system compared to a data logger alone. OR 5.68 tCO2e over a 100-year period per system when compared to a Standard Gate Valve + Data Logger. The need for a datalogger is eliminated, which emits 4.25 tCO2e over its lifetime, thus eliminating 4.25 tCO2e per data logger purchased.’

The iVapps system is proving its worth as a truly innovative piece of equipment that is changing the way water system operators are controlling their networks.

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