Just how does the iVapps solution work

We carried out a product demonstration at Severn Trent Water to show how the iVapps WALVE and SMART cartridges are swapped out while the line is at full pressure. The iVapps system is the one in the World that accommodates rapid replacement of a telemetry (SMART) cartridge with a VALVE cartridge in a fluid line – all under full line pressure. Every telemetry point in a flow network can be rapidly upgraded or checked as well as doubling up as an isolation point when needed by operators. The iVapps SMART Cartridge allows #WaterSystem operators to monitor multiple parameters in the flow – such as pressure, temperature and chemistry from an easy-to-use dashboard. The SMART Cartridge is housed in a PORTAL that is easily recognisable to water system workers meaning no additional training is required to install.

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