Swindon iVapps Demonstration Event

Swindon iVapps Demonstration Event

Joined by potential investors and industry experts

The iVapps team had the pleasure of welcoming potential investors and industry experts to the WRc in Swindon recently.

The event, the fourth held at the facility, was arranged to showcase the iVapps solution to those interested in investing in the company and its technology.

Guests were welcomed to the event by CEO Simon Humphreys who introduced both the mechanical and digital elements of the system that work together to form the iVapps pipeline system monitoring and control point creating solution.

Attendees were then invited to join iVapp at the WRc’s flow loop to see the system in action. They witnessed a simulated leak and then saw the data generated shown live on the iVapps dashboard. They also saw just how simple it is to extract the SMART cartridge used to monitor the network and install a VALVE Cartridge, used to create an isolation point when required.

They then met with Binnies’ Director of Smart Network Services who shared details of a partnership forged between the two organisations.

If you are interested in learning more about the iVapps system, email sales@ivappstech.com

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