Carbon Emissions Study on the iVapps Water Monitoring System Carried out by Tunley Engineering

A comprehensive Life-Cycle Carbon Analysis (LCA) was conducted by Tunley Engineering to compare the iVapps #WaterMonitorning system, including our PORTAL and VALVE Cartridge (with and without Data Logger) and a PORTAL and SMART Cartridge, with a Standard Gate Valve (with and without Data Logger) and Data Logger commonly used in the water industry.

The study found that the use of 50 PORTAL and VALVE cartridges combined with 50 PORTAL and SMART cartridges would generate a mean saving of 90.96 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents over a 100-year study period.

The emission savings are equivalent to:

Driving roughly 234,000 miles in an average diesel vehicle
Burning 46,000 kilograms of coal
Charging over 11 million smartphones.

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