The iVapps Valve Swap Challenge

The iVapps Valve Swap Challenge – Here we set out to prove that our SMART cartridge can be swapped with a VALVE cartridge in under five minutes… we smashed it!

Together, the iVapps system, the PORTAL, and range of cartridges including the SMART and VALVE options, enable fluid system operators to monitor, in real-time, and respond to the condition of their assets.

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The iVapps team has engineered the fully patented and world’s first and only body, known as the PORTAL, which houses an interchangeable SMART cartridge or VALVE cartridge into pipelines.

The self-powered and multifunctional SMART cartridge has the capability to measure and transmit a range of data to a proprietary analytical tool that extrapolates the data into usable information relating to water pressure, temperature and chemistry, etc. This information is available to water system operators via an easily accessible dashboard.

These data are used to identify leaks and other water system issues, enabling fast and efficient repair and maintenance.

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