Monitoring your water system with the iVapps system

Multiple in-flow sensors report real time data to system operators

The iVapps body known as the PORTAL, accommodates both the SMART cartridges and VALVE cartridge offering a unique sustainable solution to fluid system monitoring, such as power optimisation, pressure modulation and leak detection.
Installed telemetry, housed within the SMART cartridge at iVapps PORTAL locations in a flow network can be rapidly upgraded. The functionality can also be immediately converted to an isolation point, using the VALVE cartridge when needed by operators.
The iVapps SMART cartridge allows fluid (water) system operators to monitor multiple parameters in the flow – such as pressure flow, temperature and chemistry. This data is extrapolated and informs water system operators of leaks and other water conditions via an easy-to-use dashboard.
The PORTAL can also be equipped with a self-powering module that recharges the power source (batteries) for the transmission of data.
The iVapps PORTAL has standard flanges and is easily recognisable to water system workers meaning no additional training is required to install.
The iVapps solution enables superior and cost-effective means for the customers to monitor and efficiently manage their assets

The iVapps PORTAL meets all existing standards of every-day valves meaning water system workers need no additional training to install

It enables quick and inexpensive upgrades of water system sensors, as and when required

It measures a range of parameters including pressure, flow and temperature

The SMART cartridge delivers real-time data to water system operators via an easy-to-use dashboard

The iVapps PORTAL can also house an iVapps VALVE cartridge to shut off the flow as and when required

It reduces water company costs due to limiting downtime and disruption to carry out repairs

It has the potential to help make significant reductions to leaks, bursts and other pipeline issues

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