Philippines iVapps Demonstration Event

Installation and Extraction of the iVapps pipeline monitoring solution

Demonstrated to guests at our new Manila facility

The iVapps R&D team based at our Philippines location have hosted an event at our newly established test loop.

The iVapps demonstration event saw the team joined by representatives from Calibr8, a company that develops and sells visualisation solutions for collected data, Mabuhay Capital, the representative of current iVapps investors and Paramina/PETI, the nominated service partner in the region.

The guests had the opportunity to witness the extraction of a SMART Cartridge and the insertion of a VALVE Cartridge into the iVapps PORTAL, using the Top Works installation and extraction tool – all while the pipeline was under full pressure.

The attendees were impressed with the solution and commented on the ease of extraction and insertion of the cartridges that was demonstrated.

iVapps Chairman Colin Patterson attended the event and said: “I’m delighted with how it went. We are always keen to show off just how simple it is to use the iVapps solution and this event certainly proved that point.”

If you would like to attend a future demonstration of the iVapps solution, either in the Philippines or the UK, please contact us.

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