The challenges faced by the water industry today

Pipelines are the life blood of modern society enabling the effective flow of liquids and gases safely and effectively.

Whilst mechanical valves are important in controlling the pressure and flow within a system, the majority haven’t been changed for years and with 2.4 billion litres of water being lost from UK water mains every day, something needs to be done.

For pipelines to be effective, the flow systems require numerous sensors but installing these sensors requires system shut downs which are both expensive and disruptive.

The only real way forward is digitisation!

Combining innovation from the utilities, brewing and petrochemical industry, iVapps have created the world’s first SMARTcartridge that can be loaded into the body of the iVapps PORTAL.

iVapps Mechanical Benefit

  • Our SMART cartridge can be replaced under full line pressure in under 15 minutes (no road excavations)
  • No re-pressurising of the network is required that could draw in contaminants.

iVapps Technical Benefit

Digitisation provides the ability to instantly access intelligence from the pipeline which would enable preventative measures where required and ultimately reduce catastrophic instances.

The uniqueness of the iVapps cartridge means that it has the digital capability of delivering superior real time data to utility companies to help them predict, detect and alert small and large leaks and other problems in the pipeline.
The SMART cartridge carries up to date sensors and telemetry enabling the monitoring of inflow and the content of the pipe – maintaining the integrity of the network.

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